iDispense - bring your dispensing into focus.

Capture. The simple fact is that when people can see exactly what they are buying, it's much easier to make an informed decision. iDispense solves this problem and streamlines the frame selection process. Give your patients the confidence to purchase higher value frames.

Compare. Enter the patient's prescription to compare and demonstrate that higher quality lenses produce thinner, lighter and cosmetically superior results. iDispense can help significantly increase your dispensing revenues and averages without time consuming and complicated measures.

Dispense. Calculate prices and record complete dispenses with iDispense's order form. Minimise human error and eradicate handwriting legibility problems. Orders can be saved, printed, emailed and imported into Optisoft Enterprise or any PMS with an import facility.
Capture photos and video

Side by side comparison

Full screen or collection display

Swipe to view

Share via email & social media

Portrait and landscape support

Compare lens materials & index

Choose from standard lens shapes

Enter sphere, cyl & axis

Interactive 3D lenses

Swipe to rotate, pinch/pull to resize

Full screen direct comparison

Dispense recording

Create library of lenses & finishes

AirPrint or email direct to supplier

Import into PMS via Dropbox

Day/Week/Month/Year sales figures

Supports multiple iPads via iCloud