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Optisoft to Launch Free EDI at Optrafair
April 23, 2007
Optisoft, the market leader in UK optical software with more than 1,000 practice users, is set to launch its EDI ordering at Optrafair, with the module supplied free of charge.

The generic ordering tool, which allows independent practices to place orders with whichever lab they choose, is designed to pay for itself through cost savings in order entry and validation on input.

"At Optisoft we have long dreamed of providing this for our customers. Our system is designed to keep their dispensing catalogues up to date automatically and to send and track orders to all of their suppliers," said Optisoft Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

The independence of this new system makes it stand out, he believes.

"Independent practices enjoy using their professional judgement about which products are best for their patients and which suppliers can best meet those specific needs. Why should they be restricted to a system that only sends and tracks orders to one supplier?" added Keith.

Providing dedicated software solutions to optical practices for eighteen years, the latest aspect of Optisoft's comprehensive software is currently being beta-tested by most of the major suppliers including Essilor, Nikon and Norville, along with some of the smaller prescription houses.

"We believe that our new EDI ordering module is the only way to streamline the whole spectacle dispensing and ordering process for independent choice," he added.

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