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Image Capture Wins BCLA Award for Practitioner
June 11, 2007
Susan Bowers' enthusiasm for her Optisoft image capture system, and the library of pathology that she has built up at her Coventry practice, has led to international recognition plus the prize of a Nikon camera.

Before the BCLA audience of international contact lens specialists in Manchester, the independent optometrist was awarded first prize in the BCLA's clinical photographic competition.

With near perfect definition, the Acri Lisa intraocular lens implant's diffractive gratings are in sharp focus revealing the means by which the patient is now able to read without spectacles.

"I have been using Optisoft's image capture system for years and have built up my own library. When I took the shot of the post-operative patient who I was looking after I knew that it was a pretty rare image to capture," she said.

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