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Optisoft to Run on Apple Mac
September 24, 2007
Cool, stylised, practices will be delighted to know that the ergonomically desirable Apple Mac and iMac are now running Optisoft's easy to use Windows-based practice management software.

Gaining the most from both the Apple and Microsoft systems, Optisoft believes many practices will be drawn to the intuitive functionality of the Mac system.

"The significantly higher level of security offered by Apple Macs is attractive to many practices, along with others who just like the cool ergonomics that the styling brings to a smart boutique environment. As Apple say themselves, you can't be too thin, or too powerful," said Keith Sheers, Optisoft Managing Director.

Patient Recall and Appointments through to Direct Debiting and Clinical Notes - are installed onto the Apple Mac's PC.

"Many people are drawn to Macs as, despite their Nano-era image, they are extremely intuitive to use for techno-phobes and they come supplied with many benefits including a good supply of standard software," he added.

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