Adam Brown, Trainer At Optisoft With The Charity. Simply Click On The Image To Be Directed To The "Light For Life" Website!
Optisoft Supports Romanian Vision Charity
November 1, 2007
"Light for Life", the UK charity that is addressing some of the most pressing medical and optical needs of the people of Romania, is now being sponsored by Optisoft.

Charity founders, Beryl and David Bennett, recently visited Optisoft's York offices for some IT training having worked with the software developers to adapt the optical practice management system for their screening work.

"We have developed a good relationship with Optisoft and told them what we needed to monitor the people we look after – names, addresses, BMI, blood pressure and optical prescriptions. We use the database to log the needs and costs for various lenses and this is very valuable," said David Bennett, who founded the charity after retiring from the ambulance service.

"Optisoft have listened to what we've said and been excellent in adapting their software to our needs and then training us to use it. We have just returned from a really successful trip to Romania and the new system was beyond our expectations.

"We were able to input all the activity data ready for the next optometry team's visit in September. We saw 200 patients of which 60 need to be seen by the optometry team. It saved so much time and we know that the data is saved," added David.

Working with UK charities and churches, "Light for Life" aims to make the very best use of donated humanitarian aid materials, as well as running health screening clinics and optical clinics for people who have not seen a doctor or optometrist for years.

"Fifteen years ago we came across a young lad with a prescription of -14.00, which rose to -22.00. He couldn’t see the food on his plate. As a result of the care he received from our optometry teams he has now undergone surgery to implant multifocal lenses. We are pleased to have been part of this process of changing a young person's life," said a delighted David.

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