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Bristol Independant Markets Practice With Email
November 26, 2007
Emailing patients with the coolest, musical, animated, newsletter is proving the most effective way to build loyalty for a two year old Bristol independent practice.

Amar Shah is making the best use of his Optisoft IT system at his eponymous practice and saving the cost of print and postage, having built a database of patients' mobile telephone numbers and email addresses.

"We are being thanked for the information by customers – and they think it is a bit of fun. Many of our patients are online at some point in the day and this is a modern way to talk to them. It is a cost effective way of reaching our target group and gives us a cutting edge image," he said.

"I think a lot of people are more likely to read an email now than a mailshot that comes through the post," he added.

Linked to the practice website the mailshot includes details of Amar's support for the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and an amusing selection of young patients' portraits of him.

Optisoft software is also facilitating stock bar coding at the practice. "We know the value of frames in stock and the flow of frames sold. This makes the management so much easier," he added.

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