R Woodfall Opticians Group owner, John Fried. Simply Click On The Image To Learn More About The Optisoft Clinical Imaging Module!
Optisoft Links-In Retinal Imaging Cameras
January 23, 2008
Optisoft's Imaging System is linking in retinal cameras to a group of south London independent practices' patient notes - the latest stage in the group's investment in technology.

Rather than using the dedicated software supplied with the cameras, R Woodfall Opticians Group owner, John Fried, by-passed the need to re-enter the patient's data twice by using the Optisoft module, which directly integrates the retinal images with the patients' notes.

Delighting visitors to their practices in Sydenham, West Norwood, Welling, Sidcup and Purley, the system allows the practices to keep permanent records of its patients' retinas.

"We have been using Optisoft for fourteen years and we are delighted to move forward with our practice technology. Our patients love the results - even those on income support want a record of their eye," said John Fried.

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