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Optisoft Launches Major Update for 2008
January 23, 2008
Optisoft's major update - the new 2008 Enterprise Edition - is now available with an intuitive, user-friendly design that displays all records as full screen.

Those interested in seeing the software in action can enjoy demonstrations at January's Eyecare 3000 Glasgow.

Bringing many advantages to the widely used practice management software, this major update is based on the Microsoft Windows system and runs on all modern platforms including XP and Vista.

The brand new user interface with enhanced navigation, also boasts a smart search facility which is as easy as 'Googling'.

"All information is patient-centric and the complete record snapshot includes everything that you need to know about the patient, their contact details, prescription and account. Our online tutorials ensure that training is rarely needed," said Optisoft Managing Director Keith Sheers.

There is an introductory offer for both existing and new Optisoft users which runs until the end of January.

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