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Optisoft Appoints New EDI Administrator
February 25, 2008
Optisoft has appointed Melissa Johnson, an experienced software company administrator, to oversee the rapidly progressing online catalogue facility for dispensing, electronic ordering and tracking of spectacles orders.

The lens catalogues of Essilor, Hoya, Nikon, Norville and Seiko are now available and the other majors are expected to be ready within the next month. They can be downloaded via the Web for use in the Spectacles Dispensing and EDI Ordering modules of Optisoft Enterprise Edition and will be automatically updated as and when new information becomes available.

Melissa is delighted to have joined the Optisoft team. "It is a very friendly company and the combination of the new Enterprise edition and EDI makes it an exciting time for our users in terms of streamlining the whole spectacle dispensing and ordering process," she said.

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