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Optisoft CD Demonstrates New Enterprise Edition
April 29, 2008
Responding to demand from many of the profession's increasingly IT-savvy users, Optisoft has launched a video demonstration that shows the new Optisoft Enterprise edition in action.

"More and more of the practices that we speak to who are looking at a new practice system do not want a personal demonstration but want to be able to look closely at the modules at their leisure. Sometimes the practice manager will want to evaluate the system in conjunction with receptionists, clinical staff and their accountant. By providing the new demonstration CD they are able to do this," said Optisoft Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

The two part CD carries a demonstration video in addition to a full software trial with a demonstration database of patients covering the Patient Records, Appointments, Recall, Cash, Stock, Report Generator, Form Designer and SMS/Email modules, with more to be added soon.

"Potential users can watch the demonstrations then install the software and run it within the practice, creating a new database of their own patients for a full month's evaluation. Many of our existing and new users are using IT on a daily basis and know what they are looking for. This allows them plenty of time to review the software," he added.

For a free copy contact Optisoft on 0845 230 1230

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