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Optisoft Profits Rise By 60%
July 10, 2008
Profits at Optisoft rose by over 60% last year reflecting the return on the company’s investment in developing its long-awaited Optisoft Enterprise Edition.

Widely welcomed by the group’s users, 28% have now upgraded to the new system, which covers all modules and brings access to the major lens catalogues on-line, for the first time.

"The rich functionality and ease of use of Optisoft Enterprise is attracting new users to the system. Most people are very familiar with the Microsoft® Outlook interface and this is effectively what we have produced to run optical practices," said Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

"There was a lot of pent-up demand for the new edition and our sales figures reflect that. Dispensing and electronic catalogues have been particularly important for new users," he added.

Amongst the most popular features are the smart "search" facility, which makes looking for information as easy as "Googling", and the fact that all information is patient-centric.

Video demonstrations of Optisoft Enterprise’s Patient Records, Appointments, Recall, Cash, Stock, Report Generator, Form Designer and SMS/Email are freely available to trial.

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