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Optisoft Newsletter Summer 2008
August 8, 2008
It has been a good year for the Optisoft Community and the future looks even better thanks to Optisoft Enterprise Edition.

We have just completed our 19th year in business and I am pleased to be able to report that we have made a healthy profit once again, with much to be ploughed back into new software development for you. It’s also been a good year for Optisoft customers, who have done exceptionally well at this year’s “Optician Awards”, winning four of the most important categories.

Most significantly on the development side, Optisoft Enterprise was launched. Now all of the modules are available in the new version and the feedback from those who have already upgraded has been very good. It has taken us the best part of two years to complete. But, it has been well worth the effort, as it now supports the very latest technology to provide a solid platform for future development.

We have incorporated Web Services to create an electronic lens catalogue library. Now most of the major manufacturers’ lens supplies are available to you in this easy to use format and the system automatically updates itself when a new catalogue is made available via the Web.

All good news and you should be reassured that you have invested wisely in Optisoft. It’s probably fair to say that it is now the most advanced retail optical system available and that is why it is still the market leader by some considerable margin.

We have a proven, and profitable, track record and most importantly, we will be here to provide the support and service you need in the future. We will continue to develop and improve our software to ensure that it makes the most of new technologies and the invaluable feedback that we receive from you.

There could be even better news for the future, if we make the most of the new technology to leverage our dominant numbers in the market. Benchmarking your practice against the group, using the new KPI Report and electronic catalogues are only the start of our plans to give members of the Optisoft Community an edge over their competitors. However, this is only possible if you upgrade to Enterprise and we do recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

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