Helen Morris Enjoying The Recent Optisoft Install
Cardiff University Rolls Out New IT System
September 11, 2008
Preparing optometry students to make the most of a modern practice management system has become a lot easier with the roll out of Optisoft Enterprise Edition at Cardiff University.

The School of Optometry and Vision Sciences has just taken delivery of the latest version of Optisoft’s software which brings not just clinical and dispensing benefits but also the best means of ensuring patients are recalled and retained by the practice. The major update to the Optisoft system enhances the earlier version of software that the department had been using –

“We were pretty quick to get to know the new system, as it is largely self-explanatory and everyone has grasped it well,” said Practice Manager, Helen Morris.

“Everything is so very clear and we are very pleased to be able to print off the clinic forms, which is a big time saving. There are 12 of us using the system, which runs off five screens. We have more than 6,000 patients and their data was transferred straight across in moments,” she added.

The roll out at Cardiff follows Optisoft Enterprise’s installation at City, Manchester and Ulster’s Departments of Optometry.

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