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Computerised Dispensing Protects Practice Profits
October 28, 2008
Tough High Street conditions mean that every opportunity should be maximised through the use of an efficient dispensing system, believes Optisoft Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

“Most practices are pretty good at recall and ensuring that patients return, but there is a great opportunity to maximise what happens in the dispensing area. Maintaining profit is vital but it is here that mistakes are made, with a resulting loss of revenue to the practice.

“How often do fail to check the availability, or cost, of a lens and then have to charge the patient a stock price? If the lens is ordered and then the practice finds that it is not available it can become far more expensive. You can’t go back to the patient and charge what should have been the correct price. Many practices have to meet this shortfall on a regular basis,” said Keith.

An efficient dispensing system ensures that these mistakes, along with errors of adding up, and price calculation, do not happen. It also means that the opportunity to enhance the dispense is not lost.

“Offering patients an informed choice leads to greater satisfaction. Demonstrating the benefits of premium options achieves higher levels of dispensing, particularly for freeform and additional sales of sports eyewear, occupational lenses and other specialist products.”

Optisoft has worked closely with the major lens companies to ensure that the wider parameters for freeform technology, facial measurements and different corridor lengths are included in the new Optisoft Enterprise Dispensing Module.

Optisoft’s provision of online lens catalogues means that ordering from out of date catalogues is also a thing of the past – “We have removed the need to flick through piles of lens catalogues in front of the patient – this aspect of dispensing is an area to make a real impact on the practice’s bottom line,” added Keith.

Kent independent, Alisdair Buchanan, is already reaping the benefits of this aspect of Optisoft’s Dispensing module at his Snodland practice - “The system is very user-friendly and most importantly it saves me a lot of money - probably up to £1,000 a week. The Dispensing module ensures that the lenses are dispensed correctly and only lenses that are available are selected. With this we can abandon the catalogues of the five lens suppliers that we use,” he said.

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