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Optisoft Promotes Integrated Imaging At Eyecare 3000
November 28, 2008
Clinical imaging that is fully integrated into the practice management system is the major message from Optisoft at Eyecare 3000. Via Optisoft’s OptomNotes™ all visual images captured become an integral part of the patient’s notes – a feature that has been widely welcomed by practices in Scotland.

Enhancing levels of patient care and stepping up practice efficiency are also achieved with the appointments, recall, dispensing, cash and stock control, direct debits and a host of other modules from the new Optisoft Enterprise Edition, which will be available to trial.

This major update sees a more intuitive and user-friendly design, based on the widely used Windows system to run on all modern platforms - XP, Vista and Office 2007.

Better navigation, full screen patient records and a search facility that is as easy as Googling, are just a few of the advantages.

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