SAS Users Welcomed To Optisoft
December 5, 2008
SAS practice management software users who are facing heavy release clauses to their IT contract since the company’s sale are invited to look at the terms of Optisoft’s latest deal.

This offer includes free data transfer, support, modules to match those already in use and one day’s training, for £1,995.

“We have a lot of experience of SAS users and understand the situation in which many are finding themselves. We are delighted to offer them a moratorium on their maintenance contracts for the duration of their SAS contract,” said Optisoft Sales Manager, Des Mayhew.

Optisoft is warning other practices to examine closely the small print of any IT contracts that are signed and to consider the implications of renting software that will only function with ongoing maintenance costs.

“We have always felt that paying for maintenance and support should be the decision of the practice, not a pre-requisite of the software continuing to function,” added Des Mayhew.

For further information contact: 0845 230 1230