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Optisoft Newsletter Summer 2009
July 9, 2009
I attended a meeting at the FMO recently, where Patrick Myers of Myers La Roche gave a very interesting talk on the recession and how independents, in particular, are fairing.

His conclusions were not good: he summed up with the sad statistic that 150 independents had gone to the wall in the last year and he fully expected that figure to more than double in the next 12 months. He proceeded to explain why he thought this was happening and confirmed what I have been thinking for a long time myself, but not had the statistics to prove. His research showed that the vast majority of independents don’t have the basic building blocks in place to ensure that their practice is a success, particularly with monthly management information and marketing.

For many years I have thought that this is what really separates the multiples from the independents, giving them an extra edge. In their case, these services are provided centrally, so the practice can focus all of its attention on patient care, whilst the group as a whole benefits from these central resources and the savings made by economies of scale.

In your case, there are no central resources, and it all has to be managed on top of patient care. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. You all use the Optisoft Practice Management System and this means that we can provide some, if not all, of these central services for you.

We are very interested in the Optisoft Community Services concept and rightly so, because we only deal with independents and if you suffer at the hands of the multiples, so will we.

The big question is do you want us to provide these central resources? If you do, please take the time to complete and return the questionnaire overleaf. After all, we can’t help you, unless you tell us what you need.

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