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Optom Notes Cuts Practice Paper Mountain
July 22, 2009
“Clearly Excellent Eyecare” is the message from Andrew Fletcher Opticians in Bolton and seven months after opening his new practice he is boasting a full appointment book.

An emphasis on clinical care has brought many referrals and more than 70% of patients at the practice are having regular fundus imaging.

Backing up the practice’s clinical excellence is the Optisoft OptomNotes™ module which integrates and stores all patient notes, referral letters and imaging into the patient record.

“We have integrated our Topcon camera’s readings into the patient notes and instead of having files of paper everywhere we are moving towards a more paperless system, which is far more efficient.

“It also brings peace of mind because, as any practice knows, storing and backing up paper records is a pain, especially when you think of possible flood and fire damage. I just back up the system every night and take the records home with me on a disc, confident that my most valuable business asset is well protected,” said optometrist owner, Andrew Fletcher.

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