Direct Debiting In Practice. Simpy Click On The Image To Learn More About The Optisoft Direct Debit Module!
Optisoft Promoting Direct Debiting At Eyecare 3000
November 26, 2009
Caller line identifier, which brings up the patient’s notes as they call the practice; Direct Debiting; plus online product catalogues, are new features that Optisoft will be demonstrating at Eyecare 3000.

The fully integrated Optisoft Enterprise edition continues to evolve, meeting the needs of independent practices who want to gain the best business and clinical advantages from their IT system. Specific recall, at the click of the mouse, for selected patient groups such as those suffering from glaucoma and diabetes is particularly appreciated.

The user-friendly design brings better navigation, full screen patient records and a search facility which is as easy at Googling.

Find out how Optisoft can work for you, including the new rental scheme which starts from just £50 per month.

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