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Direct Debit Bureau Launched By Optisoft
February 15, 2010
Direct debiting should be offered to patients as a means of spreading the cost of all optical purchases and not just contact lenses, particularly in the current climate when the price of spectacles can be an unwelcome one-off payment.

To meet this demand Optisoft has launched a bacs-approved Direct Debit Bureau service which can be downloaded free of charge and which integrates with existing Optisoft software. Facilitating direct debiting from as little as 22p per transaction, it leaves the practice in control of revenue.

“Many people like to spread the cost of their spectacles. The trend now is for all major household expenses to be broken down over a twelve month period and opticians are becoming sensitive to this shift in consumer patterns. Some practices are incentivising their patients to sign up to direct debiting by offering annual discounts,” said Optisoft Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

“Running your own direct debit scheme, rather than being tied into a contact lens manufacturers’ system, gives you far more flexibility. If you have been in business for more than a year you can be underwritten by your bank to be a direct debit originator,” he added.

To find out more about the free software and on-line training email or call 0845 230 1230.

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