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Optisoft Newsletter Summer 2010
August 23, 2010
We have just completed the biggest overhaul of our software since the launch of Optisoft Enterprise.

It was no small undertaking, to make the system work with everything new, but we now have a solid foundation for the foreseeable future which incorporates all the very best that is available today.

It almost sounds like a party political broadcast for our new coalition government! Perhaps we just might be entering a new era where politicians actually work together for the common good. I am sure there is a message in there for those of us in optics with much closer collaboration and the sharing of ‘best practice’ being the way forward.

On that communal note, if you have not upgraded, I would recommend that you do so now. If you already have, you will find details of the major enhancements below and Optisoft Enterprise 7 is available for download from our website now.

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