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ABDO Sees Launch Of Apple iPad And Clinical Notes
August 31, 2010
Visitors To Optisoft at ABDO 2010 will see how the IT company is embracing the latest technology from Apple, with the iPad.

The much heralded iPad, which takes OptomNotes™ and other Optisoft modules away from the terminal and into the practitioners’ hands, is not dependent on the practice running on Apple hardware.

“All the iPad needs is a WiFi access point within the practice,” explains Des Mayhew, Optisoft Sales Manager.

“The 9.7” screen works very well in the consulting room and dispensing, where PCs have been seen as a patient barrier, or perhaps there’s simply not enough space. 3G connection makes it a fantastic tool for domiciliary visits providing up to date records by directly accessing the practice system.”

“Patients are likely to be pretty impressed too when they can sit in a relaxed way and see, at the touch of a finger, the benefits of different lens types available from our downloadable catalogues,” added Des .

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