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Recall Costs Slashed By Latest Version Of Optisoft
February 4, 2011
Cutting the cost of sending recall letters by more than 50% has just become a reality thanks to the new Optisoft Enterprise 7 version and Docmail service provider.

With no requirement for a minimum quantity, the new service brings some of the cheapest prices available at 25p for black and white, and 34p for a colour mailing, with a professional look and consistently high quality printing.

“Practices can use their own PC to activate the online mailing. Simply upload your word document and any pdfs that you would like to include, enter the address and upload it to the online database, which is fully secure,” explained Optisoft Managing Director, Keith Sheers.

“A number of suppliers offer remote printing and they can bring substantial savings on post, remove administrative overheads and ensure a very high quality finish. Optisoft Enterprise 7 has simplified the whole process, with the addition of an export option in the recall system. Some estimate the cost of sending a letter to be 86p when taking into account staff time, postage and stationery,” he added.


Recalls 250 500 750 1000
Cost £215.00 £430.00 £645.00 £860.00
Docmail £62.50 £125.00 £187.50 £250.00
Savings £152.00 £305.00 £457.00 £610.00

To find out more visit or to register and send a test letter from your account for free.

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