Optisoft Support

We utilise our years of experience in the IT industry and Optical market to provide total hardware and software support for your optical practice management system. We provide high quality, tailor-made support services at a price considerably lower than the cost of running an in-house help desk.

Computer related problems in business means "downtime" and loss of money. We understand that for most companies, efficient use of time and satisfied customers are the keys to their success. Our help desk and technical support services offering hardware support and software support are designed to help companies to achieve these goals.

As well as resolving technical queries Optisoft Support assists in reducing running costs, improving operations as well as enhancing existing services to ensure you get the most out of our market leading practice management software for opticians

Support Benefits:

   Reduce Downtime

   Reduce Loss of Revenue

   Total Hardware & Software Support

   High Quality

   Tailor Made Support Services

   Faster Running System

   Free Version Updates

   Onsite Cover if Required

   Remote Dial-In Access
Optisoft Support