OptomNotes Imaging
The capture and storage of clinical images has been revolutionised by digital cameras.

Viewing and manipulating these images is made easier thanks to Optisoft’s OptomNotes Imaging solution. More than simply a way of managing images, the solution delivers a number of benefits to your practice and to your patients.
Fundus as well as anterior imaging

Links to most modern slit-lamps and fundus cameras

Allows magnification of any section of the image

Up to four images can be compared side by side at any one time

Colour filters allow problem areas to be emphasised

Drawing, annotation and measurement tools

Notes and dates can be stored with each clinical image

Integrates with Microsoft Word to produce GP referral letters incorporating the clinical image

Images can be exported and sent by e-mail as required

Images can be printed to photographic quality using any good quality ink-jet printer

Built-in archiving